terreActive AG is an owner-managed stock corporation.

The management team consists of the executive board and the team leaders:
(from left to right)

  • Rolf Hefti, Team Leader Sales
  • Michael Liechti, Team Leader Cyber Defense Platform
  • Jürgen Anthamatten, Team Leader Consulting & Projects
  • Adrian Sidler, Team Leader Product Development
  • Roger Eisenecher, Team Leader SOC/IRC (till 31.3.2022)
  • Roger Meier, Founder
  • Marc-Yves Bächli, CFO, Executive Board, Founder
  • Urs Rufer, CEO, Executive Board
  • Enrico Petrov, Team Leader SOC/OCC

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Our teams













In addition to the management, the employees of terreActive are organized in five teams, marked here in light blue.

The largest team is our SOC, where three specialized operations teams take care of the secure operation of our customers' IT infrastructures.


Working together for so many years, makes our management a well established team, able to act quickly if necessary.

  • 1996: Marc-Yves Bächli and Roger Meier founded the company
  • 1999: Urs Rufer and Enrico Petrov started at terreActive
  • 2002: Rolf Hefti and Jürgen Anthamatten joined the team

The members of the Board of Directors are Bächli, Meier, Rufer and Hefti.
There are no foreign companies participating in terreActive.